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At Tecnar, we work hard…but we play just as hard.


At Tecnar, we believe each person has a crucial role to play in the success of the company and we value individual initiative and leadership. Working at Tecnar means working in a dynamic environment, collaborating with international clients on research and manufacturing projects, having a strategic impact on development projects, but most of all, having a flexible and accommodating work opportunity in technology.


At Tecnar, we work like family because we are a family. We’ve been a family-owned and operated business since 1989.


We believe that a workplace that plays together, stays together. Each winter, Tecnar takes all the staff and their families on a winter weekend retreat.


Tecnar encourages teamwork with hockey, biking and running teams.


35% of our employees have enjoyed working at Tecnar for over 10 years.


We’re globetrotters. One Tecnar employee has visited over 15 countries through work.


At Tecnar, our goal is to create a workforce as diverse as our highly specialized product line.

Job opening

We are looking for an assembler to assemble and test our high-tech products. Under the supervision of the production workshop manager, you will play a major role in the production of our devices. The candidate will have to read assembly plans and wire the devices. He will also have to program certain controllers connected to the product. You will have the chance to evolve within a solid company where you will be able to exploit and deepen your knowledge. Our company offers a diversity of products, which is reflected in a great diversification of tasks for the candidate.

Typical tasks:

  • Learn to read assembly plans
  • Assemble the structures
  • Test the product
  • Prepare for shipment

The successful candidate will be a crucial member of the engineering group, which encompasses the disciplines of mechanics, electronics, physics, and software. The candidate will work closely with members of the Rotoweld’s multidisciplinary team (service, sales, manufacturing, and assembly) to fully understand the market needs and design improvements required to ensure that the Rotoweld remains the benchmark welding robot for the piping industry.

Under the supervision of the Head of the Mechanical Department, he/she will be involved in all phases of product development, from concept generation, part design, prototyping and testing, right through to product deployment.

We’re looking for someone with an interest in design, a strong mechanical instinct and the ability to combine functionality and aesthetics, while being at ease in a fast-paced, SME environment. The team in place is young and dynamic.

Typical tasks:

  • Participate in the search for solutions to meet customer and market needs
  • Design mechanical systems
  • Perform calculations to support and optimize selected designs
  • Produce design drawings
  • Assemble and test prototypes
  • Transfer projects to the production team
  • Support service team when required
  • Take charge of development projects
  • And other related tasks, depending on the candidate’s interests and strengths

As part of our strategic product development plan, we are looking for a mechanical engineer who will take charge of the mechanical design of the various projects within the research and development group.

The candidate will be a crucial member of the engineering group which encompasses the disciplines of mechanics, electronics, physics, and software. The candidate will exploit his mechanical instinct by taking ownership of the different objectives related to his tasks, in addition to acquiring new knowledge within an experienced team.

Typical tasks:

  • Design of mechanical systems
  • Produce design plans
  • Take charge of development projects
  • Communicate with production and service teams

Our requirements

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

As a Production Worker, you will be responsible for assisting with production-related tasks within our company. You will work closely with the production team to ensure optimum efficiency in carrying out assigned tasks. Your contribution will be essential in maintaining quality, productivity, and meeting production deadlines.

Main responsibilities :

  • Equipment preparation
  • Assembly and erection: Actively participate in the assembly and erection of products in accordance with established specifications and quality standards. Follow safety instructions and use appropriate protective equipment.
  • Packaging and labelling: Assist in the packaging and labelling of finished products according to the instructions provided. Ensure that packaging is adequate to protect products during transport.
  • Cleaning: Maintain a clean and safe working environment by regularly cleaning production areas, tools, and machinery.
  • Building maintenance
  • Possibility of welding

Qualifications and skills required:

  • Previous experience in a production environment or ability to learn required tasks quickly.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team and communicate clearly and concisely.
  • Physical ability to perform manual, sometimes physically demanding tasks.
  • Ability to follow precise instructions and meet deadlines.
  • Attention to detail and quality orientation.
  • Basic knowledge of workplace safety standards.

This Production Laborer position offers an excellent opportunity to be part of a dynamic team and actively contribute to our company’s manufacturing process. If you are motivated, reliable and ready to take on the daily challenges, we encourage you to apply now.

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