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At Tecnar, we believe each person has a crucial role to play in the success of the company and we value individual initiative and leadership. Working at Tecnar means working in a dynamic environment, collaborating with international clients on research and manufacturing projects, having a strategic impact on development projects, but most of all, having a flexible and accommodating work opportunity in technology.


At Tecnar, we work like family because we are a family. We’ve been a family-owned and operated business since 1989.


We believe that a workplace that plays together, stays together. Each winter, Tecnar takes all the staff and their families on a winter weekend retreat.


Tecnar encourages teamwork with hockey, biking and running teams.


35% of our employees have enjoyed working at Tecnar for over 10 years.


We’re globetrotters. One Tecnar employee has visited over 15 countries through work.


Lots of handsome, intelligent dudes. Maybe too many. We could use a little more gender parity.

Job opening

Tecnar est à la recherche d’un assembleur/câbleur pour assembler et tester nos produits de haute technologie. Sous la supervision du directeur de l’atelier de production, vous jouerez un rôle majeur dans la production de nos appareils.

Le candidat recherché sera un membre crucial du groupe de production. Le candidat devra lire des plans d’assemblage et câbler les appareils. Il devra aussi programmer certains contrôleurs reliés au produit. Vous aurez la chance d’évoluer au sein d’une entreprise solide où vous pourrez exploiter et approfondir vos connaissances. Notre compagnie offre une diversité de produits qui se répercute dans une grande diversification des tâches pour le candidat.

Selon l’expérience, le candidat pourra également participer à l’élaboration des tests et des procédures des machines.


Dans votre travail le candidat devra:

  • Apprendre à lire des plans d’assemblage
  • Assembler les structures
  • Tester le produit et trouver des solutions aux problèmes
  • Préparer pour l’expédition
  • Assemblage et câblage de panneau électrique/électronique.
  • Programmation de drives moteur et PLC
  • Assemblage de structure mécanique
  • Assemblage optique

Tecnar is looking for a technician to assemble and test our high tech products. Under the supervision of the Production Manager, you will play a major role in the production of our devices.

The candidate will be a critical member of the production group. The candidate will be required to read assembly drawings and wire the devices. You will also be required to program some of the controllers connected to the product. You will have the chance to evolve within a solid company where you will be able to exploit and deepen your knowledge.

Our company offers a diversity of products which is reflected in a great diversification of tasks for the candidate.

Depending on the experience, the candidate will also be able to participate in the development of tests and procedures of the machines.

Typical duties:

  • Learn to read assembly drawings
  • Assemble structures
  • Test the product and find solutions to problems
  • Prepare for shipping
  • Assemble and wire electrical/electronic panels
  • Programming of motor drives and PLC’s
  • Mechanical structure assembly
  • Optical assembly

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