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Real-time molten metal chemistry monitoring
Online monitoring of thermal spray processes for the shop floor
Individual particle characterization device for thermal and cold spray processes
Non-contact accurate wall thickness, temperature and length measurement for process monitoring.
Long pulsed laser-ultrasonic detection laser
Automated welding work cell for pipe spool prefabrication
Tecnar develops, manufactures and markets advanced sensors to optimize industrial processes.
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Individual particle characterization device for cold spray processes

Tecnar develops, manufactures and markets advanced sensors to optimize industrial processes.

Automated pipe spool welding Spray diagnostic overview Online chemistry analyser Non-contact laser-ultrasonics characterization

pipe spool welding
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Rotoweld’s unique root pass penetration control system revolutionizes pipe spool prefabrication for the 21st century.
spray diagnostic
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Our long-established line of sensors significantly improves thermal & cold spray process repeatability/reproducibility and drastically reduces process parameter development time.
Online LIBS
chemistry analyzers
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Our online Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzers ensure high quality and efficiency with more precise chemical compositions.
laser-ultrasonics characterization
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Our Laser-UT sensors deliver easy, non-contact characterization of metallic & composite materials regardless of shape, movement, temperature or environmental conditions.
our sensors, your productivity.

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