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Online spray diagnostics for thermal and cold spray

Long pulsed laser-ultrasonic detection laser
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The need for online spray diagnostics

In the mid ‘80s, the thermal spray community recognized that in order to bring thermal spray processes to the next level, there was a need for sensors able to provide real-time, in-flight particle information, right before impingement on the part. During thermal spraying, the particles become so hot they emit IR radiation, which is used to actually “see” and characterize (temperature, velocity, size, flux, trajectory) the particles. But with Coldspray, the particles are too cold (below 1,000° Celsius) to be detected by conventional pyrometric techniques. As a result, light is shone on them so they can be viewed by scattered light. In other words: we work with light reflection rather than light emission. In the last two decades, several diagnostic devices have been developed—both in research facilities and on the shop floor.

What can
online spray diagnostics
do for you?

Save time
  • Faster spray parameter development
  • Faster spray equipment optimization
  • Less test coupons required
  • Easy parameter transfer—from booth to booth or between spray facilities
Save money
  • Spray accurately the first time and minimize coating stripping
  • Optimize powder usage and minimize post-machining (spray to desired thickness, not more)
  • Optimize and control Deposit Efficiency (DE)
Ensure high-quality, reproducible coatings via:
  • Daily monitoring
  • Real-time comparisons of sprayed material properties with pre-determined acceptance ranges
  • Pre-programmed alarm triggering

Advanced shop floor monitoring

In a typical thermal spray booth, several variables and parameters have a direct impact on coating properties, so controlling them in a production environment is critical to obtaining the desired final results. The accuraspray 4.0 gives you process-independent control of coating properties based on non-contact measurement of intrinsic material characteristics, right before impingement on the part. What’s more, it’s reliable, rugged, easy to set up and easy to use.

Discover the accuraspray 4.0 Discover the accuraspray 4.0

Thermal spray R&D

The thermal spray research community uses the Dpv sensor extensively to understand fundamental processes and for modeling and development. Our Dpv, recognized as the industry standard, is the basis of over 600 scientific papers and, after all these years, it is still the only instrument that can simultaneously measure the temperature, velocity, size and flux of an individual particle.

Discover the Dpv evolution Discover the Dpv evolution

Real-time cold spray monitoring

In the cold spray process, the sprayed particle’s velocity is the key parameter governing the deposition process and, consequently, the coating properties. Our coldspraymeter was designed and optimized to provide real-time velocity and flux measurements for all commercially available cold spray systems. Applications include process modelling, spray hardware optimization and shop floor monitoring.

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