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New : Rotoweld 3.0 with submerged arc welding

  • 2017-09-19

Tecnar is proud to announce that the first Rotoweld 3.0 with the SAW (Submerged Arc Welding) option has been successfully delivered recently to PLS Mechanical in Colorado.  As we all know, SAW is a very efficient process for fast filling of open bevel butt joints in heavy wall piping and spooling.

Our Rotoweld 3.0 with SAW option is a very versatile and powerful equipment.  In addition to its unique fully automated, defect-free MIG root-pass, it offers a broad selection of options for the fill passes, namely spray MIG, flux core and SAW.  Whether your scope of work is carbon steel or stainless steel, standard wall or heavy wall, our Rotoweld will significantly increase (4-8 times) your productivity and will ensure 100% reproducibility of the welds quality.
Should you wish to further discuss the Rotoweld and its capabilities, you are invited to visit our website or contact us at your convenience.  Of course, you are also more than welcome to visit us in Montreal, Canada, for a live demo, or to meet with us at the following upcoming trade shows:
We are looking forward to the opportunity to discuss and work with you in the near future !
The Tecnar Business Development Team