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Long pulsed laser-ultrasonic detection laser
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Innovative laser technology

The Pdl is a long-pulsed frequency-stabilized Nd: the YAG laser, operating at 1064 nm, which is specifically designed for use in laser-ultrasonics. The pulsed nature of the laser results in a brief high-peak power incident to the target. Such a condition produces a highly sensitive laser-ultrasonic signal, while minimizing the amount of laser light absorbed by the target and reducing the possibility of target overheat. What’s more, the stability of the frequency of the laser source reduces noise in the recorded signal. Together, these two features create an unmatched laser source for detecting ultrasound with great potential for new laser-ultrasonic applications.

The introduction of the Pdl has completely changed the field of laser-ultrasonic applications. Since we are no longer limited by the conditions of the target’s surface, we can explore new industrial uses for laser-ultrasonics.

Dr. Marc Choquet P.Eng, Ph.D.
Vice-President LaserNDE