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Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy LIBS

Long pulsed laser-ultrasonic detection laser
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What is LIBS?

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is a laser pulse that instantly heats a small volume of matter to several thousand degrees when focused on a surface for a few nanoseconds. As it cools, this laser-heated matter returns the absorbed energy by various means, such as visible and invisible electro-magnetic waves. Using an optical system, this natural light emission is collected and routed to a spectrometer that separates the various colours onto a detector. From there, it becomes standard spectroscopic characterization, in which the concentration of each element in the sampled volume is a function of the intensity of its respective spectral lines. The LIBS advantage is that it can measure any element of the periodic table and can work on unprepared samples, specifically in-line of industrial manufacturing processes.

can LIBS
do for you?

Save time
LIBS monitors your process automatically, requiring little or no sample preparation. No more waiting for manual sampling results from the laboratory.
LIBS details composition trends at almost every step of your process, yielding new insights and greater potential productivity.
LIBS can take samples without handling. It can probe complex situations, such as high temperatures, target movement or rough surfaces to provide information that, until now, could not be obtained.
Liquid metal
Galvalibs patented technology, compatible with any metal, delivers quantitative multi-element measurements directly on molten metal material. Galvalibs penetrates clean metal by shooting a laser through a ceramic lance plunged into the molten metal and the surface is refreshed with each shot of argon gas blown through the lance.

Discover the Galvalibs Discover the Galvalibs
Mining and recycling industries must continually refine their processes due to the intrinsic variations in the composition of the raw materials. Strengthened by our experience with aluminum, steel, ore, powders and sintered materials, we are working with visionary customers to pioneer these new applications. Along with our proven technology for molten metal, we are well positioned to expand our technology into the mining, recycling and sintering sectors.

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