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Non-contact laser-ultrasonics evaluation

Long pulsed laser-ultrasonic detection laser
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What is non-contact laser-ultrasonics evaluation?

Laser-ultrasonics is a non-contact, non-destructive evaluation method that combines the accuracy of ultrasonic technique (UT) with the flexibility of optical systems. In laser-ultrasonics, a short laser light pulse, called the generation laser, is absorbed over a small area on the surface of the test material. The absorbed optical energy triggers a high-frequency sound pulse within the material, called the ultrasonic probing pulse. Simultaneously, a second laser, called the detection laser, is reflected and received from the surface of the test material. Any surface motion caused by the ultrasonic probing pulse is then recorded in the received laser light. Using an optical interferometric process, the surface motion is extracted from the light, emitting a signal identical to conventional UT, but without any contact. UT waveform analysis methods are then used to detect defects, characterize material or for dimensional measurements. Laser-ultrasonic can be used in environments previously not possible with conventional UT, expanding the range of UT applications.

What can
non-contact laser-ultrasonics
do for you?

Laser-ultrasonics can generate different types of ultrasonic fields, with a variety of shapes (spot, ring, arrays), at a wide range of working distances and in different environments (vacuum, harsh, noisy).
Laser-ultrasonics is the only method that can easily achieve large ultrasonic bandwidth.
New insight
Laser-ultrasonics is a way to see real-time processing effects, leading to a better understanding of the physics of a phenomenon.
Seamless steel tubes and pipes
The Lut revolution is changing the way seamless steel tube and pipe production plants are monitored. By measuring the true wall thickness profile, temperature profile and total tube length, the Lut revolution offers unparalleled flexibility, ease of use and accuracy for fast identification and correction of seamless tube production problems.

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From the laboratory to industry
The Lus product line, consisting of the discovery, advance and ultimate, is a complete set of tools to jumpstart your laser-ultrasonic research and applications. These three Lus products are the essential building blocks for researchers and engineers to apply non-contact ultrasonics to new fields of study, in new environmental conditions, to gain new insight into their area of expertise.

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