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The Q-Switched DPSS laser: industrial by design

Long pulsed laser-ultrasonic detection laser
Tecnar develops, manufactures and markets advanced sensors to optimize industrial processes.
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To achieve 100% reliability in our own laser-UT and LIBS industrial systems, Tecnar had to engineer its own nanosecond pulsed laser with three criteria in mind: robustness, robustness and…robustness! I’m proud to say that we have probably designed the toughest nanosecond laser on the market.

Alexandre Nadeau
CEO, Tecnar

The industrial, high-energy Q-Switched laser is designed to go the distance like never before

The Marathon is a diode-pumped laser delivering high-energy, nanosecond pulses in a unique package designed to endure the harshest industrial conditions. And it was designed to be so ROBUST, it just won’t quit!

Tecnar developed the Marathon based on its 15 years of experience implementing lasers into harsh industrial environments. Forget about damage, leaks or contamination in optical modules, premature failure of electronic parts, unexpected drops in output power… and almost anything else. No matter the obstacles, the Marathon delivers multi-billion shots before requiring any maintenance.

Get the
Robust, rugged, industrial
Up to 350 mJ per pulse
Up to 100 pulses per second
Up to 30 metres between controller and laser head
Virtually maintenance-free over 4 billion shots
No flash lamp
Plug and play
Operator-friendly interface

Outpace the competition with the Marathon

Frequency and energy can easily be adjusted. This gives users the dual benefit of flexibility while optimizing the lifetime of the diode.

The Marathon laser will fire over 4 billion shots before any maintenance is required on the diode module. This is a huge advantage over flash lamps that need to be replaced every 60 million shots.

The Marathon includes one laser head, one water-cooled power supply and one cable set. Its unique design makes it possible to extend cables up to 30 metres without any performance loss.

Tecnar Marathon

Marathon technical specifications

  • Laser specifications

    • Optical wavelength (nm)

      1064 - invisible infrared

    • Repetition rate (Hz)

      Adjustable from 50 to 100 Hz

    • Pulse width (ns)


    • Energy per pulse (mJ)

      >350@50Hz, >250@100Hz

    • Divergence (mrad)


    • Beam diameter (mm)


  • Additional specifications

    • Diode lifetime

      2 years/4 billion shots (whichever comes first/max energy drop at end of life <20%)

    • Electrical supply

      208/240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 20A

    • Coolant supply

      5L/min, 2.5±1bar, 23±1°c

  • Dimensions and weight

    • Weight

      Head: 19 kg

      Power supply: (empty) 100 kg

    • Size

      Head: 487 mm X 185 mm X 138 mm

      Power supply: 510 mm X 605 mm X 515 mm

    • Distance between laser head and power supply

      Up to 30 m (no power loss)