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Non-contact accurate wall thickness, temperature and length measurement for process monitoring.

Long pulsed laser-ultrasonic detection laser
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Seamless tube manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to increase productivity and product quality. Tecnar’s Lut gauge is a novel approach to monitoring production. By getting accurate information earlier in the tube-making process, the Lut provides technological insight not available before.

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Innovative laser-ultrasonic technology

The Lut revolution is a non-contact, ultrasonic thickness, temperature and length measuring system based on laser-ultrasonics, optical pyrometer and laser-velocimeter technologies. In laser-ultrasonic technology, the sensor launches a high-frequency sound pulse into the tube at a precise location. By measuring the time of propagation of the sound pulse within the tube, highly accurate wall thicknesses are obtained and displayed as a wall thickness profile along the length of the tube. Fluctuations in the wall thickness profile can then be matched with production parameters to detect out-of-specification conditions.
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The Lut revolution helps increases yield and quality by:

Setting a tighter size margin for wall thickness
Reducing mill setup time, especially during size changes
Monitoring tool wear and slow process drift

About the technology

Lut Revolution technical specifications

  • Wall thickness measurement

    • Range

      3 to 44 mm

    • Accuracy

      ± 0.1 mm for nominal thickness under 20 mm

      ± 0.2 mm for nominal thickness from 20 to 25 mm

      ± 0.4 mm for nominal thickness over 25 mm

    • Resolution

      better than 0.1 mm

  • Length measurement

    • Speed range

      2 to 600 m /min

    • Accuracy

      ± 0.2% of reading

    • Data acquisition rate

      Up to 100 data sample /sec


    • Tube cross-section measurement

      Complete cross-section every 4 sec *

* Only available on the scanning version of the system.

Lut revolution
Lut revolution