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The Rotoweld has been automating pipe spool prefabrication around the world for 30 years.

Long pulsed laser-ultrasonic detection laser
Tecnar develops, manufactures and markets advanced sensors to optimize industrial processes.
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See Rotoweld’s innovation in action

Rotoweld 3.0
the future of 1G welding

The core of the Rotoweld technology is its unique vision-based penetration control system. It enables any operator to perform high-quality girth welds after just a few hours of training.

Like the welder's eyes and hands, the system continuously analyzes the image of the root weld pool picked up by a video camera integrated into the welding arm. Unique algorithms use this information to adjust welding parameters, such as travel speed, wire feed rate, arc voltage or weaving width. This constantly adapts the process to varying conditions, such as changes in gap, alignment, root face or temperature. The computer's fast reaction time means the machine can work at high deposition rates and travel speeds at which weld pool conditions are too critical to be sustained by hand.
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One minute per diameter-inch
from root to cap

Our one-take uncut video features:

  • An established spool shop that uses the Rotoweld daily for over 80% of their joints
  • An unedited sequence of an 8-inch. SGH 40 carbon steel pipe being welded to a flange joint
  • Preparation of tacks for automated welding
  • Automated penetration control of the root pass
  • Fill passes and cap
  • Simultaneous loading of the next spool onto the second welding bay for 90% arc-on-time targets
  • Split-second movement of robot from one welding bay to another to start the next spool

Watch the video

See Rotoweld’s innovation in action
See Rotoweld’s innovation in action


Track the performance of your Rotoweld and your
welding team from anywhere in the world.

The Prodatalog records every single event on the Rotoweld, from the puddle camera to the welding power source and torch positions. It gives you the convenience of logging all information about the welding parameters of each joint, plus valuable insights into your welding team and their understanding of how to optimize the Rotoweld each day.
Watch the video

We’ve had Rotowelds in our Lebanon plant for over 15 years…These machines quickly became a vital part of our production operations…Through the years, the Tecnar team delivered excellent response, service and parts delivery and replacement…We purchased Tecnar’s latest Rotoweld model, the 3.0. It is a giant leap forward for technical advancement, functionality, performance and up-time. It’s been running for over a year now—absolutely trouble-free. Everything was re-engineered, streamlined and, unlike some of the newer technologies, technically intuitive…The new robot manipulator, standard Siemens controls and “off-the-shelf” hardware place the Tecnar Rotoweld exponentially ahead of all their competitors. Tecnar is more than a quality vendor and supplier—they are a direct part of our Perma-Pipe team!

Gary Renfro
Facilities Director and Chief Engineer
Perma-Pipe Inc.

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Brent Gedak Welding
Calefaccion Y Ventilation S.A. De C.V.
Dearing Compressor & Pump
Epsilon Industries
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PWC Industries
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Rotoweld 3.0 technical specifications

  • Average welding time

    • One dia-inch per minute
      Example: 8 minutes for an 8 inches standard wall pipe
  • Materials

    • Carbon steel (including A333 Gr. 6)
    • Stainless steel (304, 316 and similar)
    • Cr-Mo steel alloys
    • Duplex stainless steel
  • Welding processes

    • Root pass

      GMAW (short circuit)

    • Fill pass

      GMAW (spray transfer)

      FCAW (flux core)

      SAW (submerged arc)

  • Rotator

    • Diameter capacity

      75 mm to 1 065 mm
      3 in. to 42 in.

    • Center line clearance to ground

      1 605 mm / 65 in

    • Operation speed range

      0.2 to 2 rpm

    • Load capacity

      1 360 kg / 3 000 lb

    • Maximum torque

      3 955 N-m / 35 000 lb-in

  • Idler roll load capacity

    • 4 535 kg / 10 000 lb
  • Dimensions

    • Width

      2.3 m / 7.5 ft

    • Height

      2.7 m / 8.8 ft

    • Shortest configuration length

      9.2 m / 30 ft

    • Longest configuration length

      23.8 m / 77 ft