Instantaneous slurry chemistry monitoring for the floating lines
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  SlurryLIBS video
  The SLURRYLIBS is an instrument that performs an online quantitative measurement of the elements contained in floatation line slurries. It is a similar approach to X-Ray but is has the advantage of measuring all elements in presence, namely the light ones like magnesium and aluminum that the x-ray sensors struggle with.

The system uses a LIBS instrument to perform a diagnostic directly on gravitationally fed slurry streams.   The slurries are fed into a sampler that controls the sampling conditions for optimum robustness and reproducibility.

Tecnar has developed his new patented product with the collaboration of the Canadian Research Council in Boucherville Canada. Current available elements for monitoring are Mg, Si, Fe, Al and Ni. Many more are to be added in a near future. The slurry density can vary from 5 to 35 % solid. Dynamic range for Nickel and Magnesium have been verified from 0.1 to 25 %. Tecnar is currently working with it’s client and partner Liberty Mines in commissioning of the second instrument which will be the commercialized version of the technology.

Main assets:
  • Completely autonomous ( no human intervention )
  • TCP/IP data interface to pulpit and plant network
  • Extremely low consumable costs
  • Remote service and troubleshooting capability via internet monitoring of embedded sensors
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